Emotion cards for psychological treatment

Graphic design – Emotion cards for psychological treatment A project done in collaboration with therapists and psychologists who came together to find words that express emotion. The product is a package of about 121 cards, each presents a different emotion. By using the cards the patients will be exposed to a wide range of emotions […]

Naturopathic business branding – Bach flower

Naturopathic business branding – Bach flowers A project made for an amazing naturopath who treats with Bach flowers extract. The design process was interesting, but the real excitement and fun comes when I get a picture of a finished product from a satisfied customer!

Community Library​ – Moshav Yishi

Community Library Moshav Yishi's Committee, in light of the growing trend, decided to build a community library. The people of the moshav donated thousands of books, found a place, built shelves and contacted me to brand the project. The process was exciting and thrilling! Here is the result ..

Mask Design – FAF studio collaboration

Mask Design – FAF Studio An exciting collaboration between a Facebook group called – גרפיקאים וכל מי שצריך אותם and FAF Studio. The project allowed designers from around the country to send the company a unique design that will be printed on masks. The company sells the masks on the website and allows designers to profit from […]